Rescue Craft

Emergency Rescue Craft

You need the right boat for rescue work.


That's why we supply the Pioner Multi and Steady 400 to emergency response services throughout the British Isles and beyond.


Specify your boat with powerful Yamaha outboard motors.  Ask for it to be fitted with water jet propulsion for use in shallow water or where unseen objects beneath the surface can foul a propeller.  Insist on the latest satellite navigation.  Ensure that your boat is fitted with the right control equipment to make sure your crews can use all the performance available to them.


Because these boats can perform.  Their light weight and tough construction means that they'll cope with the wide variety of conditions your crews operate in throughout the year.  From extreme cold to tropical heat, flooded fields to fast moving rivers or heavy seas - your Pioner boat will become an indespensable part of your rescue team.





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