Fit For Purpose

The term "emergency professional" covers many things.  From Police patrols or divers, through Fire Service personnel to Ambulance paramedics or Coastguard rescue teams, each discipline has its own needs and standards.


That's why rescue boats from Pioner can be configured for specific duties.  The way each boat is going to be deployed by each service means that you will want to specify a boat that meets the need of your particular blend of purpose, location, skill and budget.


But the basis of an effective rescue boat is a good boat.  The fundamental handling and sea keeping qualities of a thoughtfully designed, well built craft.  That's what you get with a Pioner boat.  The tools and accessories that make the boat suitable for your particular purpose can be added by the engineers at Caley Marina.  Just tell us what you want your boat to do.


Call 01463 236 539, or complete the enquiry form to find out more.





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